Friday, September 27, 2013

4th Century Indians

De Bellis Antiquitatis is a game that has always fascinated me. It is considered THE historical war game. I don't know if it is because the rules are so well done, it's apparently so simple, it is relatively easy to build armies for, or if it is because it is played on such a small space.

As I looked through the various armies from the 2nd edition of the rules I decided I wanted to select something I normally wouldn't and came upon the Fourth Century Classical Indian and saw it required 3 elephants and I was sold! I was kind of embarassed I was a war gamer with out elephants in some army somewhere. I mean I have a stegadon in my Lizardmen army which is a fantasy dinosaur elephant, but no TRUE elephants.

My understanding is that this is a pretty tough army to fight. I think that is because it has 3 elephants which have the best combat ability in the game and one of them is a general which makes it even tougher.
Seven elements of 3 Bow. SEVEN DO YOU HEAR! I will darken the skies with arrows and drive my foe to his table edge!

Two speed 3 Cavalry units. They seem kind of out of place in this army but I think i'll use them to threaten a flank or defend a flank.

BOOM BABY! Here they are, the ancient tanks! Three death machines ready to stomp and grind my foes into little pieces of...ground up foes.

The entire 12 elements in all their glory!
The army list has space for some blade, psiloi, and chariots and while I could easily field the blade and psiloi I didn't feel one blade element would enhance anything and the 2 psiloi seemed like a bad replacement for the long bow elements. The chariots would be SUPER cool but I didn't have the miniatures for it and it seemed excessive to buy them when I could field an effective army. If I really get into playing DBA I may add them. 

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