Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Batrep Vampires Vs. Empire

So not common for this blog I actually have a battle report to provide to you. This is no great detailed report but it is interesting and worth a read. My friend Greg and I have been playing a sort of campaign by playing through all six of the scenarios in order and this is game number 3 Battle for the Pass.

Vampire Counts Army
*master necromancer with staff of damnation (also known as a shovel)
*2 units of 20 skeleton warriors
*2 corpse carts; one with lodestone and one with balefire
*3 spirit hosts

Empire Army
*captain on warhorse with ogre blade
*level 1 light wizard on warhorse
*30 spearmen
*30 swordsmen
*10 handgunners including a longrifle
*10 crossbowmen
*luninark of hysh

We opted for no terrain, which is unusual but not "unrealistic" as this was a pass we were fighting over. I knew this disadvantaged me but you can't always choose your battles can you?
Turn 1 Start
Set up was a simple battle line for both of us. He went without artillery this time which threw me as I am used to dealing with at least a cannon or two and instead put his power into the luminark. He won the first turn and proceeded to hail crossbow bolts into the corpse cart on the right doing a wound and successfully casting the luminark's spell with irresistable force but rolled a 1 to wound the spirit hosts and failed to do any injury and then it saved the wound it would have taken from the miscast, his wizard did blast my varghulf for a wound though. My turn involved marching forward to come to grips before his magic could do more damage. The varghulf moved to threaten his flanks which I was hoping would draw more attention than it did. My magic phase was quality with a successful incantation that healed the corpse cart of it's one wound and augmented almost all my undead with vigour mortis. Also I blasted the luminark with a solid gaze that did 4 wounds to it, but nearly got sucked into the warp.
Turn 2 Start
Turn two was fair for both of us with his army holding their ground and he tried to throw some magic that I was able to fend off. His missile troops did a few wounds as well. In my half I pulled off a long charge on the swordsmen and supported it with the varghulf which did a nice 6 wounds but the skeletons did none. I won the fight but they were steadfast and did not flee.
Start of Turn 3
Turn three was filled with all kinds of excitement...for the Empire. During his turn he successfully nailed my necromancer with the luminark casting with irresistible force and blew him off the table. I mistook what the distance for "look out sir!" was and regretted it. My army began to crumble immediately with some heavy losses and disappearing corpse carts. But I was undeterred as I truly believe in playing the game out. I wasn't playing to win now, I was playing for the EPIC if it could be found. Which I did find as my charged his spearmen and defeated them causign them to flee past the crossbowmen which were pursuit charged by the skeleton warriors. The other unit didn't fair so well and the combat resolution killed the varghulf and I lost the rest of the warriors as well. But even in the midst of catastrophe I was putting it to the Empire force!
Start of Turn 4
Turn four was pretty predictable. He did a lot of moving things around to better bring his superior force to bear and used the magic in his advantage to blast the remaining spirit hosts. The skeletons that remained continued to impress though and even though they were reduced to just a champion and standard and they proceeded to drive off and run down the crossbowmen then pursue into the spearmen ready to bring it again! Turn four and my two remaining models were ready to kill everything on the table.
Needless to say, they didn't. I didn't have a turn five although Greg did. My skeletons still impressed even in their loss. The captain of the empire charged and was only able to kill the champion. The spearmen attacked (nine of them that is) and they failed to kill the standard bearer as he made his armor saves or parry saves! HUZZAH! Ultimately he failed to kill anyone and the combat modifier caused him to crumble, which was a shame since he was such a hero.

As an aside I still have a problem with the unstable rule. The problem I have is that every unit in the fight takes the hits without saves. So when I teamed up two solid units, but had some poor luck, I lost by 4 but my army lost 8 wounds. If there had been three units that would have been 12 wounds, just seems unbalanced a bit. I know the army can raise back losses but not so fast as that. Especially any unit that is multiple wounds which will only recover one.

Either way, it was a fun game and very cool to fight it to the end. I'm looking forward to our next fight!

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