Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hunting for Cards

I don't normally provide game recommendations, and in general I don't even talk about the video games I'm playing as most just go by (and are fun) but really don't require exposition to an audience. After all you can only tell everyone you jumped on a walking mushroom so many times, after all they have jumped on the same mushrooms.

Obviously Dark Souls does not fall into this category. Anyone who has played it will readily discuss their encounter with even the most mundane enemy. Sure we have all fought the first black knight in the Undead Burg and we all love to tell how we put due to that mother!

Card Hunter is worth a blog post about. Not so much the game play (which is good) or the graphics (which are fantastic) but the feel of it. Not everyone will get the same feel but it hit me right in the nostalgia and it feels good just to look at the game, much less play it. So if you're a gamer born in the 1970's go take a look :)

Oh yeah, ubiquitous eye candy...
That blue makes me think "Isle of Dread" and dinosaurs.

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