Sunday, September 8, 2013


Not this guy...
...although he is totally  hoss yeah, but these guys...
 These 35 men at arms for my Bretonnians took me a long time to get done. This was a little more intimidating of a project than I thought it would be. I am over all pretty intimidated by my Bretonnian army as I want it to look the best I can but repeatedly it doesn't look very good at all, well, in my opinion.
The benefit to a unit of 35 men-at-arms isn't in it's combat strength but in it's cool factor :) Even though individually the pieces aren't all that well painted when you put 35 of them together they look quite nice. As a combat unit they are really only "so-so" as they are poor fighters (WS 2) and the halberds nicely boost their strength score (to a 4) it costs them their shield save and parry save so they only have a 6+ in close combat.
They are cheap too, I think the entire unit of 35 rolls in at around 127 points. This means I can almost always field a huge block of infantry to face off the enemy. Not in the center most likely, you'll see them more on the flanks than anywhere probably since they can't hold ground very well with a low leadership.

I am concentrating on completing my first DBA army so that should be the next thing you see up on this blog! Cross your fingers and hope that more 40k models don't lure me in.

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