Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I have been pulling out a figure from my Reaper Bones collection off and on to paint up just to slowly work through them while I work on other projects. There are so many great figures, even if I don't get to use them, I do get to display them. My most recent one is this lady...

...quite a nice warrior woman I think. She is well armored and armed with a substantial sword and quality shield. Definitely looks like she is ready for some battle and looks like she can hold her own against any foe. I went with a blue theme and made her a redhead because frankly I make most of my female figures redheads because my wife is one and I think she is a very strong woman and in my mind redheads are fierce and popular literature kinda backs that up a bit. It is a complete fallacy of course (maybe, not sure) but I like to honor the strong woman my wife is with incarnations of her in miniature.

With swords...

...I'm not saying I am afraid of my wife...

...okay maybe a little.


This great figure aside I gotta say that the bones are lacking in comparison with other plastics and metals. I have some of the bones in their original metal and detail has been lost. Also, some have had to take short cuts in order to make the mold easier with the plastic they are using. For example on this figure her side below her sword arm becomes kind of a blend with the cloak and loses definition. Not a killer by any means but noticeable from Reaper's normally very high quality work.

As a side side note Dark Souls has me stumped again. My one son has beaten it, the other is nearly there even as I write this, but my cleric is in a tough place again. After accidentally killing Andre my weaponry is lacking. I'm trying to level my lightning spear to +5 but I need a piece of titanite I don't have...a slab I think...and I can't seem to find one. I did kill the hydra in dark root basin and the undead dragon in the valley of the drakes. I have the lord vessel and I can get to the four kings but I haven't tried fighting them feeling inadequate.

I so wish Andre wasn't dead :(

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