Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Re-blogging is like Necromancy

So I rarely re-blog something but this is something worth re-blogging. A super fine old school Warhammer undead army.

I'm so jealous of this army I can feel it in my bones...pun intended. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cleric with a Book (UPDATED!)

So as I said I'm throwing a single bones miniature on my table as I paint other projects and in general because I'm not looking to create a display piece, just a finished painted miniature that could be used in gaming later, they get done pretty quickly. I am almost finished with another Roman unit, but until then this should tide you over...

...with the nights coming on so soon in Ohio now it is at best freaking hard to get a good picture. Also, i'm not so great a photographer either so that means you get work like this. I also have finished a set of 5 zombies finished but forgot to photograph them, which is a shame as it would have made a great scene of him fighting them!

Oh well, maybe next time.

I'm moving along with the Romans/Celts nicely and with this unit about to be finished that puts me at 2 Roman units and 3 Celt Chariots. I think i'll keep plugging away at the Romans till they are done. I've got a conundrum though; I don't really have enough Celts. No matter what rules system I look to I'm really short. My Roman's will have six infantry units, a cavalry unit, and a psiloi unit but my Celts only have the 3 chariots and what will be six units of war band. If I was going to adhere strictly to Neil Thomas' rules I would need at least another 9 chariots as he units them in groups of 4. I'm thinking i'm going to have to write some of my own rules, but even then, I think I need some Celt cavalry.

Well either way it will work out I'm sure. Tomorrow night I'm supposed to get some war gaming in so i'll try to do a batrep and I plan to use my Doom Wheel which has never seen the battlefield yet! HUZZAH!

Oh yeah, meant to do this too...
...doing NO SHAVE NOVEMBER and I am growing a manly beard sir!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Celts and Monsters

So while it has been...fifteen days...since the last post I will have you know I have NOT been idle in the least. As a matter of fact as of yesterday I have cleared my paint board! Huzzah! A rare feat for me as commonly more and more projects slide onto the board and others just don't quite get finished. Many projects got completed as a matter of fact; some plague marines, some historical, some reaper miniatures, and various other stuff. I'm not going to post them all at once ya know, but i'll give you some of them!

First up I think it's important these get the limelight...
BAM!  Chariots...
...slightly three-quarters view...
...and in the back of the most important chariot Boudicca herself!
These are Wargames Factory Celt chariots and they are nice enough for such a good price for three. These have been sitting in the "soon to be done" box half primed for a long maybe a year. I finally decided it was time to get on my historical project and these were on deck so I got them finished.

My Boudicca isn't the best figure but it was the one that came with the chariot so I wanted to make use of it rather than buy another one. I will probably get another later, its not so much the garb (which is wildly inaccurate) but instead it is just not that well molded the detail is kinda muggy.

With those done i'll look to either dig into the Romans to completion or the Celts, I'm unsure at this point.

With the Celt chariots done lets look at something less authentic shall we?
"Rawwrr! Don't look at the gap in my arm!"
"..." I have no idea what an Owlbear would say, sorry.
As I have said before I put a reaper mini on the painting board any time I'm working on a project and paint on it along with the project. This has resulted in a surprising number of them becoming finished actually. The two rather large monsters above were pretty easy paints since they weren't complex. This adds a nice set of monsters to my collection for delves or war gaming. I plan on keeping up with this practice as they bones aren't terribly hard to paint and my pool of painted miniatures needs some that aren't GW models :)

I have more to share and will post it soon, but now back to the bench.