Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cleric with a Book (UPDATED!)

So as I said I'm throwing a single bones miniature on my table as I paint other projects and in general because I'm not looking to create a display piece, just a finished painted miniature that could be used in gaming later, they get done pretty quickly. I am almost finished with another Roman unit, but until then this should tide you over...

...with the nights coming on so soon in Ohio now it is at best freaking hard to get a good picture. Also, i'm not so great a photographer either so that means you get work like this. I also have finished a set of 5 zombies finished but forgot to photograph them, which is a shame as it would have made a great scene of him fighting them!

Oh well, maybe next time.

I'm moving along with the Romans/Celts nicely and with this unit about to be finished that puts me at 2 Roman units and 3 Celt Chariots. I think i'll keep plugging away at the Romans till they are done. I've got a conundrum though; I don't really have enough Celts. No matter what rules system I look to I'm really short. My Roman's will have six infantry units, a cavalry unit, and a psiloi unit but my Celts only have the 3 chariots and what will be six units of war band. If I was going to adhere strictly to Neil Thomas' rules I would need at least another 9 chariots as he units them in groups of 4. I'm thinking i'm going to have to write some of my own rules, but even then, I think I need some Celt cavalry.

Well either way it will work out I'm sure. Tomorrow night I'm supposed to get some war gaming in so i'll try to do a batrep and I plan to use my Doom Wheel which has never seen the battlefield yet! HUZZAH!

Oh yeah, meant to do this too...
...doing NO SHAVE NOVEMBER and I am growing a manly beard sir!

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