Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wizards, Orcs, Undead, and what is going on...

So while it has been a while since the last time I posted I have not been inactive! I've finished another unit for the Romans, no picture since they look like the other unit. I'm also almost done with another so that will bring me to three. I also did some work for a friend and am part way through a squad of Imperial Guardsmen as a test unit. Also I cleaned up a couple Ultramarines units I got in trade to bring them into coordination with my third company adding a terminator assault squad, another tactical squad, and an assault squad. This brings my Ultramarines to over 3,000 points and I still have a couple units to paint and add to them! Very exciting!

Talking about exciting how about some miniatures? The bones have been getting painted up surprisingly fast. Mostly because I am not putting any degree of complexity into the paint work and I enjoy painting fantasy figures that aren't part of a unit. There is a certain freedom in them that you don't get when you're working to get thirty five men-at-arms on the battle field. Anyway here goes...
A wizard with something on his shoulder. The loss in detail makes it hard to know exactly what is on his shoulder but I decided it would be green indicating it may be reptilian. This is more a display piece than a play piece as it has that look about it and a huge stack of books behind him, and its unlikely he hauled those into the dungeon isn't it. 
Speaking of dungeons this guy will fit nicely into some brutally dangerous encounters. You can't tell but he is quite large in comparison to a "normal" sized figure making him a little intimidating. The absurdly huge axe should reap a terrible toll I would think and that shield, well, lets just say there is always room for another hand right?
I find that my collections tend to coagulate into certain pools, such as lots of undead and lizards. It was nice to add something a little different to the collection with this harpy even if she is a little scaly. It is a nice figure and a great addition to my RPG collection. I'm sure my son will find a use for it pretty quickly ;)
Finally some zombies. I just said I tend to have pools of certain types of figures and adding five zombies to my considerable undead collection is like adding cat's eyes to a marble collection. Never the less zombies are easy to paint and you can never, NEVER, have enough of them. I love throwing the undead at war games opponents and players both.

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