Monday, March 25, 2013

Dark Angels Allied Force

Sorry it has been a while since last I posted but things have been a little crazy off and on. Never the less I have some models done to show off. The Dark Vengeance box set is a very nice box set and adding the Dark Angels side of it to my painted collection was something I really wanted to do. A while ago I finished the tactical squad and since then I've add the death wing terminator squad and the interrogator chaplain.
Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus ready to kick some butt.
Squad Barachiel also ready to bring the hurt.
The entire allied strike force arrayed for battle.
This collection comes in at 500 to 600 points and is a nice force to add to the Ultramarines on special occasions  I like the allies rules quite a bit and the opportunity to mix armies with a structure that prevents is from being broken (well in theory at least) is nice. It lets me collect some other armies without have to go "all in" so to speak. I'll probably try to score an attack bike to add to the bikes from the DV box to make them more useful. Over all I nearly have a complete ally force ogranization chart, just need another troop choice and it's filled up. Since I have a lot of loose scouts that shouldn't be hard to do at all :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scarabrogus the Filthy!, and Some Other Things.

I am just all over the place in my mind what I want to paint next. While I was making that decision, between finishing the last commission I had and setting the paint board with 42 new models (men-at-arms, choir, and chaplain) I did a quick and dirty paint job on a classic chaos dreadnought I had sitting around. Feeling that something like a dreadnought deserves a name of its own he has been given...


I decided to go with green because I'm probably going to add some plague marines to my army at one point and that seems like a good color to band them all together, obviously. I want to make my army look like a war band of many forces fighting under one leader and this guy will be ancient in contrast to the new ones out there. As it was a full kit I got, I felt that a plasma cannon and power scourge were, of course, almost mandatory!

Also, finished some more small terrain...
...the communication pylons from the Battle for Macragge box. I didn't have this box, but I did get it for my son and he eventually got rid of it bit by bit until these were all that were left. They should make nice objectives.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Warhammer Fantasy: Something I Don't Like in the Rules

Short post but something I just want to throw out.

In the rules for 8th edition it states on page 89 under "Close Combat Weapons" that a model armed with a special weapon can not elect to fight with its hand weapon instead. The reasoning given is that each soldier trains to become skilled with a particular weapon, and if this happens to be a special weapon then it will not grant an advantage to its enemy by using a weapon it is less skilled with.

In general I guess this makes sense, I can't dispute it too much but I can say it is not really dead on. There are a couple situations where I cannot help but feel that these soldiers (though plastic and metal they are) would consider an alternative to their "special weapon". This situation would we when wielding their hand weapon allowed them the use of their shield for shield wall purposes. In general (another general I know) I think the inability of the game to allow mixed units of weaponry is a slight weakness in the rules but especially in units armed with halberds, hand weapons, and shields. The shields are made use of when the unit is under missile attack increasing their save but they stow the shields in close combat as the halberd takes two hands to use. I just don't always see that happening and there have been many times my temple guard rolled up on a strong enemy and they would have benefited more from a shield wall as opposed to the strength bonus from halberds.

Some reenactors ready to kick butt.