Friday, January 3, 2014

A Knight, A Vampire, and A Maiden

Almost sounds like a 1980's role playing game doesn't it?

I hope everyone had a happy new year and a great holiday season. I know I had a fantastic time and my family has been well which is always good.  I haven't gotten to post much mostly due to how busy I've been but when I have free time I've taken it to work on figures and get some done. Beyond what I am showing you today I've also finished more Roman infantry for my historical project, but again I won't put those up because they look the same as all the others. I plan to post an army shot when it's done, although I think the next unit I will work on is cavalry so those will go up on their own. Also I'll post some Imperial Guardsmen I've finished and a handful of Battlemech's from the starter box.

All that said, lets take a look at some stuff that I've gotten done recently...
This is my new vampire lord mounted on an abyssal terror. The lord himself is actually a high elf dragon rider that I painted up as a vampire. All of the gear is covered in dragons which was fine by me and it is a wonderful poke at my buddy Ron who is a major High Elf player. I like to think that I killed his hero and converted him to my cause.
The abyssal terror model is "The Thing in the Woods" from the Mordheim line that is now defunct. I got  him in trade, with the wing conversion already begun. I finished it then made a saddle from putty and painted the vampire for him. It is the best monstrous mount you can get under 3,000 points of army for the vampire counts.
This is the model in my Bretonnian army that represents my son Christian. I use this as a monster hunter and war machine crew killer. I have one other Pegasus knight but it will stay in a bag till I can get a couple more to go with it. I would like to have a unit of them led by this model as a paladin. I'm not sure how effective they would be on the battlefield but I do love the idea of a unit of Pegasus smashing into the enemy.
This is the model that represents my daughter in my Bretonnian army. This puts five characters in my army when I field it. This took a while to get to the table as the horse that came with the maiden wouldn't work, the head was too far back and the figure wouldn't fit on it so I had to hold off until I could get this classic war horse.

I was pretty pleased to get all of these done. They have been in the back of my hobby mind for a while now and it feels good to get them out and finished.

My wonderful wife got me a Bastilodon, Terminator Librarian, the White Dwarf diorama for this year, and the MUNITORUM BAG for Christmas and I was so happy I could have run in circles. The librarian and bastilodon are already assembled and on the paint table. I jumped them in line to get them finished as soon as possible. On top of all this wonderfullness I happened upon a copy of Rogue Trader for a mere 20 bucks from a Half Priced Books. I've been reading through it and it is giving me some great ideas. Those old rules were just so rich, I just love them!

Well, busy post I know but I'll put up another soon of the guardsmen, maybe the Battlemechs. We'll see. Till then I hope whoever is reading this has a wonderful day :)

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