Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Things Are Cold!

All text blog this time. Very rare for me, I am fond of pictures and it seems awkward to post an all text blog entry but I hate to let this fine tower I've built go without some new stone and mortar for too long.

It is cold in southern Ohio, so cold that last night I heard the deck on the back of my house cracking in the cold. So cold I've had one frozen pipe I then hired a guy to put a shut off valve on so that I could sleep a little better. So cold that my basement sets around 56 degrees Fahrenheit. This cold is freaking me out like nothing ever has. I told my wife earlier today I felt like my castle was under siege by a force that I could not grapple with and only look on with fear while it tore at my walls. I have my thermostat set on 70 and it can't get it above 65 with the furnace running constantly. My electric bill next month is going to be a grand, i'm sure of it.

Shoot me.

In the war gaming zone I am working through some new stuff and finished some other stuff. Detailed huh? Well I still need to post some pictures of my Imperial Guard test models. Also I have finished a friends Mortis Engine and I should photograph that before he takes it so I can post it. I also finished a Librarian in Terminator armor and Bastiladon with the sun stone on it's back. I've been busy really just no free time to do blog related stuff.

I have gotten a few games of 40K in where it was nice to field some Ultramarines I haven't had a chance to field yet. I forgot to bring my drop pod though so one tactical squad was stuck hoofing it.

I've pulled out my Ogre Kingdoms army and done an assessment. I'm supposed to have a butcher coming in trade which will give it all the corner stones. I am leaning towards beginning that army since it has a finite number of models to be done (41 with the butcher) and I don't need to add to it as it will be over 2,000 points at that.

I've also got my cavalry on the board for my Roman army. They are Wargames Factory Roman Auxiliary Cavalry and I am looking forward to getting them done. That will put four units in my Romans.

I'm stymied on my writing. I've got a couple good ideas but no peace of mind to form my thoughts into half-assed words. I am not frustrated by it though. I don't know why not which is a small concern. Probably because I'm doing well in my hobby life.

My wife (bless her!) gave me a surprise gift of a Tyranid Venomthrope which has sparked my desire to build a tyranid army which is what she is wanting. She told me she liked the old tyranids I had, which has been over ten years ago so it must have made an impression.

I've also discovered the card game Dominion, like five years after everyone else. Between it and King of Tokyo we have some solid family games we get into. The boys and and I will also try our hands at Defenders of the Realm when we feel like being punished. :)

Today the new COD: Ghost maps drop and all I'm interested in is the new extinction map. The rest of it is okay, but I want that map specifically because I love to shoot aliens.

Oh yeah, last thing, my friend traded me his copy of Space Hulk 3rd edition. That my dear readers is a mark off the hobby bucket list ;)

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