Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Have a Wrench and I CAN Fix It!

So I am not a tournament player in general. I don't like the hard-core-win-no-matter-what factor that often plays into a tournament. I played in a couple Magic tournaments years...okay decades...ago but those days are past. I ran several and I really enjoy organizing and managing tournaments but not playing them. This in mind I think all the talk about how 40K is broken considering the results of the Las Vegas Open are basically absurd. Maybe I'm the crazy one but I have never found it in print where the armies were balanced or meant to be balanced. It seems evident to me that if you're going to go play in a tournament either do it for fun or spend the money to buy the winning army. What Magic players refer to as "net decking".

There is a fix though, let me get out my wrench.
Historical war gaming tournaments commonly use a nice little twist where in each match both players play both armies. This should effectively remove the cheese from the sandwich that is making every one bitch. It isn't a perfect fix. I'm not saying it is, but it is a fix that would bring a little more balance to scoring, reflect the players more than the rules, and in general give tournaments a chance to be a little more fun.

I can only imagine the feeling of joy one will take when swapping armies then punishing the guy who just tabled you with his own army. The army he now has to defeat if he wants to climb that ladder to victory.

Now the obvious flaws in this fix comes in three forms:

  • The tournament will need to be longer
  • -or- the armies will need to be smaller
  • -or- the players will play less opponents (but not less matches).
I think any of these three aren't really that much of a penalty for the potential benefit. 

On the modeling side I am nearly done with my first unit of Ogres so you will see them coming up here soon and my wife has spoiled me again and surprised me with the new Dwarf Dragon Slayer figure which is just fantastic. I have moved it up in my painting que to the front so that I can give it some love. I don't have a dwarf army and I won't get one because I don't like playing dwarfs, but I do really enjoy PAINTING dwarfs strangely enough. 

So, see you soon? You know you want to come back ;)

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