Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ogres are Calling to Me...

So I forgot to take a picture of Gary's Mortis Engine...i'll get it later (riiiight).

But with the board suddenly cleared I had that moment of pause where I can plan a project(s). Immediately I brought the Roman Auxiliary Cavalry over and started them. But I also wanted to get some fantasy placed on and I have a nice Ogre Kingdoms collection that has not been addressed at all. I recently completed a trade that put the last piece I was really looking for, a butcher/slaughter master, in my collection and it seemed like an omen to start on them!

So I've put together a little plan. I like to plan small starts to armies. I LOVE the whole "battle force build" thing even though I've never gotten to participate in one. So my little army list for the ogres is...

  • Bruiser (that will later become the battle standard bearer)
  • 9 ogres with iron fists
  • 6 ironguts
  • 4 leadbelchers
This comes to almost 1,000 points with a magic banner on the ironguts and some magic and a big name for the bruiser general. These 20 models is about half the total collection which has a nice selection (a big monster, a couple monstrous cavalry, a solid amount of infantry) so long as you don't count gnoblars that jerk it up by 50% more models for about 50 points. 

Here is the test model for the army. I plan that each regiment's pants will be a different color rather than all of them having the same. I think this will give each  unit a cohesive look but the army itself will look a little more mercenary.
I painted this over a black prime with dry brush brown then tan for the flesh. Gun metal with brown wash over that. Same with leather and pants. I'm not sure I like the pants so dark : / Thoughts?

Also, since I'm getting to blog I think I'll throw some more stuff up!
My brand new Ultramarine Librarian! My wife gave me this model for Christmas and I was super excited. Then I opened it and inside this kit is THREE left hand options and one of them being a comi-plasma! I LOVED it! Combi weapons are so sweet and in general I don't see anything useful for a librarian since they will usually have a shooty power. But combining this with the ability to deep strike with some other terminators is great.

But wait there's more!
 I said I did some Imperial Guard and by darn here they are. Sadly it will be unlikely there are more than these any time soon. I am trading them off (but not these models) to try to obtain some Tyranids.
I liked painting them though. It was just a kind of test run thing and they painted easy considering the scheme I used. I figure they will find plenty of use as traitors or just an odd unit or command thrown in on scenarios.

Finally an odd thing...
...some tents! Gotcha didn't I? These are cheap card tents! They are off the side of this box and after finishing all the Roman's in the box I just threw them together on a whim. I am terrible with card models but I got these together alright and actually I think they could be much more useful than I first though. Beyond random war game filler they would be useful in skirmish scenarios and even in role playing. So, if you have them you should put them together too. They are much bigger than they first look.

Now I'm working in earnest on the auxiliary cavalry and some ogres that is what you can expect next. But, even then, since my honey got me that Venomthrope and my friend is priming it for me...well lets just say you never know.


  1. I like the Guardsmen. And your new hat.

    1. Thanks BF :) Sadly those will be the only guardsmen you see for a while. I ended up trading them for a bunch of Tyranids to rally around the Venomthrope my wife got me as a gift. These will stand good as guard to my bastion, allies to my Ultramarines, or more likely assigned to my Inquisitor.