Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ogres Go To War

As promised here are some pictures of my first finished Ogre unit.
 The unit consists of 9 ogre bulls with hand weapons, light armor (I guess that is what you call a gut plate and some boots huh?), and iron fists. It includes a full command, which is always funny for me with a unit with only 9 models. But that unit has 27 wounds to it which should make it pretty survivable.
 On the charge the three bulls at the front should get strength 6 impact hits, then the unit will generate 19 melee attacks, then 3 stomp attacks. They have a armor save of 5+ (not much there) and the sword and board parry save as well. I think you could confidently call this a "standard infantry unit" but it prices in at over 300 points.
The tribe I've decided to create my own tribe; the "Tooth Hammer" tribe. My rough background is that they are from the mountains and often interact and work for dwarfs so they have adopted a hammer as a symbol. the banner in the first two pictures depict the "tooth hammer" symbol. I plan for each unit to have its own color to kind of unify the unit but the army itself will only be unified by the red paint/tattoos and the "tooth hammer" symbol. I think this plays into the mercenary background that the ogre kingdoms are supposed to have. In my mind my tyrant pulls together they small bands to serve him but a lot of the time they are off hiring out to fight for others. 
A little extra I wanted to add was back paintings. Each of them has a mountain painted on their back to reflect their home. I'm not all that good at free hand but I think it gets the point across :)

Over all the unit was pretty easy to  paint and that means that in general the entire collection should come together pretty quickly. I have a rough plan so next up is some iron guts but they won't go on the table till a few special figures I have on get done :)

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