Sunday, March 23, 2014

Slayers, Aliens, and Life

Hello all!

It has been a while since last I posted, 3 days short of a full month actually, but I've had good reason. My job has been very busy as work picks up, my son had his appendix out, and in general I've been surprisingly busy. I've not had much chance to sit down at the paint table but I did have enough time to finish a couple of models.

My wife, as you may recall, initiated me into the Tyranid collection with this fine model...
...a Venomthrope that is sporting the color scheme for Hive Fleet Clytemnestra! The purple came out a little brighter than I wanted and the other will be closer to black most likely. My wife suggested the name Clytemnestra after hearing that in my personal universe this hive fleet was discovered by Inquisitor Agamemnon. Long story short Clytemnestra killed her husband Agamemnon in the bath after throwing a wet blanket over him so he couldn't fight her.

I've worked out a 1,000 point army to build that come to a little under 50 models. Genestealers, gaunts, a classic hive tyrant, this guy, and a zoanthrope. None of the biggies initially but I have 3 carnifex in various states of dress that I will refurbish for the good of the hive.

Also I finished my dwarf dragonslayer gift...
 ...I am very pleased with how he turned out. I tried to put a little better paint job on him than I would a normal war game model because he is probably not going to see the table in an army anytime. He is a display piece and he'll always hold a place of honor although I would love to find an RPG he fit in just for one session of this guy running through a dungeon.
I'm working on some gaunts, some ogres, and finished the Roman cavalry which I hope to finish up this week. So maybe I can get something up in less than a month, sound good to you too?

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