Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hoopy Guys

I have been on a kick of obtaining classic gaming materials. Not all classic, vintage, old, nostalgic gaming materials just specific ones as they relate to Dungeons & Dragons and Games Workshop/Citadel. One of those things I'm constantly plying ebay for is the Forces of Fantasy box set that came out a year after the first published Warhammer rules.

I have the Warhammer box set but it doesn't have army lists and that is what Forces of Fantasy has. I've been reading through a digital version of the FoF and came across this in the Book of Battalions...
...if you read in the second paragraph here you'll see early Warhammer was clearly influenced by vacuum cleaner salesmen, which isn't a shocking surprise since you can read stories about them accidentally shipping bacon sandwiches. But even more important is the wonderful Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference about "hoopy guys" and where to hang your towel.

I cannot tell you exactly when HGttG entered my life but I remember it fondly and have read it and all the other connected writings more than a couple times. My wife got me a compiled collection as a single volume a few years into our marriage and I love it.

I think people take Games Workshop and Warhammer too seriously. There is always so much complaining about the company and their products I think it can hurt your own hobby soul. I'm not championing them, but goodness, why not look back to those days when they had fun and try to have fun yourself!

It can't hurt and after all, Bryan Ansell is 100% real isn't he?

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