Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Not Dead...what is this the third time?

This blog will be struggling here for a while. I have a lot of challenge in my life at the moment so I probably won't be getting many hobby projects done soon. I'm not going to shutter the blog though; better a single post every month than nothing I think. In my opinion if you emotionally shutter a project you are hurting yourself if that project is an outlet like this blog is for me. In the same vein my hobby isn't thrown aside either, it is just way down the list right now and the days I can get that far down the list then good.

I will probably turn towards stories I write (which may or may not be good) and i'll try to photograph anything hobby related I can get to. Maybe games I get to play, maybe some recent acquisitions that are interesting (such as my Citadel Skeleton Army box from 1988 still in shrink wrap).

Either way something will go up. 


  1. Hopefully the tough times pass by as quickly as possible, and I look forward to seeing the Skelelton Army boxed set!

    1. Hey man thanks for the encouragement :) You've given me the strength to work on the skeleton army box post which should go up soon!