Wednesday, May 14, 2014

H.R. Giger has Died, Long Live the Xenomorph!

In 1979 the film Alien was released, I was 4 years old having been born in December of 1974. My mom was watching TV on the couch in Waverly Ohio, specifically watching one of those movie review shows that I don't believe exist any more. During this show they gave a preview of the new science fiction horror film and there was a brief flash of the xenomorph itself and i'll be a son of a bitch if it didn't terrify me so bad that I had night terrors about that bastard for the next 15 years.

No kidding. Fifteen years of night terrors from that one brief glimpse. Of course when I got older I watched the movie and it did nothing to dispel my terrors. I saw all the others too. I don't believe you can be American and not have seen Aliens frankly.

Now I'd be willing to be that Mr. Giger would not have been pleased to know his creation gave a child 15 years of waking up in the night sitting bolt up right screaming night terrors.

But I hope he would have been a little proud of it.

H.R. Giger created a wide variety of very messed up work and even as he grew older he looked more and more like his creations imho. Ultimately my first exposure was the xenomorph and even then it's final form was only mostly what his initial concept work indicated he would have liked it to be.

Thank Goodness!

Well Mr. Giger has passed away and while I don't necessarily feel a need to celebrate his passing or his life I will say he had a dynamic influence on me and should get a least a blog entry from some obscure blogger in the United States.

I guess we need to find a new artist to produce night terror inducing art work, any suggestions?

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