Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Looking at Oldenhammer

If you are unaware of the "Oldhammer" movement and you play Warhammer fantasy you should probably look into it. They are quite a large number of very motivated and inspirational people to watch.

Maybe a little crazy, but that probably comes with the territory.

That being said I am slowly infected by this although no one in my community (and by "community" I may mean "state") is interested in this as I am. Never the less I push on. I've obtained a hardback copy of 3rd edition and a crumbled Warhammer Armies to go along with it. Reading through these ancient manuscripts I see great value in some of their words.

That in mind I've decided to do a few blog posts in a series that reference the old materials to my current collection. I have Lizardmen, Bretonnians, Skaven, Ogre Kingdoms, and Vampire Counts. Lots of fantasy there and it seems to me the majority of it is to be found in the old text.

Maybe not Lizardmen as the models I have are truly not Slann, I have a Slann but he isn't the same. But I digress we'll get to them another time.

So to start it out I think I'll go to the Bretonnian list and reconcile a unit.
My unit of Knights Errant seems like a good place to start. Bretonnia is heavy on the heavy cavalry but the 3rd edition list is very different.
Chevaliers Rampants! What a great name! Obviously hinting at their clearly excitable nature they are listed as "+2 SHOCK ELITE" which I have no idea what that means yet. I'm sure I will figure it out as I read. Looking through this army list entry I can set about building my unit.

I have 5 knights, 1 knight with a standard, 1 knight with a falcon as a musical instrument, and a leader. The leader can be built as a level 5 hero so I think I'll buy him as such but the others pan out to be 37 points a model. The standard bearer and musician cost 74 points each instead of 37 as the book says these cost double points...OUCH...that is a lot for a standard or a falcon. These seven models come in at 333 points.

The champion doesn't have to be a level 5 hero, I could make him much higher if I desired, up to level 15 and still a unit leader but I think I'll keep him as a level 5. Level 5 heroes are Barons so this Baron has a barded warhorse, a sword, a lance, heavy armor, and a shield which makes him 46 points. We can give him magic though and I think I will give him a magic sword! Why not?!
A magic sword will cost 25 points and a level 5 hero can have 1 magic effect on it so quickly looking over these I immediately want Fireblade! 10 points to do double damage or 2d6 damage to a flammable target. Oh my oh my 10 points don't buy as much now do they? So this brings my brave Baron to 81 points.

Final cost for my Chevaliers Rampants comes to 414 points. Comparing that to the current army book where they come in at 181 points it is quite a difference eh?

Good beginning to the army. If I was aiming at 2,000 points that one unit is almost half of what I have to commit to army in rank and file troops. I think I'll probably finish fleshing out the list and present it to you next time :)

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