Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tyrant and the Tyrannized

So a small update. I am still struggling to get a good hobby groove going. I have a lot of stresses right now and I don't really see a solution for any of them. I am looking for solutions though, which I think is the right way to deal with stresses...right?

So onward with the offering! I have grown a strange fondness for classic models, which is to say models produced from my early teens. The Tyranid Hive Tyrant was always one I looked on with certain amount of appreciation. The first version is a very unique model I think. It has such great posture, you can feel it's desire to kick your ass almost emanating from it.  Well, arguably it IS emanating from it as the power of the Hive Mind echoes out huh?
Here he is sunning himself on my back deck. Astute model collectors will notice he is missing the end of his tail and the ridges that sprout from his back. I got it like this in trade and I am actively looking for these pieces to complete him. I did get both barbed strangler and venom cannon but in the current version of the book the strangler is better imho. I love the bonesword/lashwhip combo, just so classic I couldn't resist.

He needs something more than a Venomthrope to tyrant over right?

Ten Termanants with Devourers. This is my first troop choice for the army. So I almost have a legal army. Doesn't matter I would like to play a few games with just these guys and see how it all plays out.

I'm slowly refining my color choice and bringing the orange and purple/black into harmony.

If that is possible. Either way I'm sticking with it. Orange and purple/black make a nice threatening mix.

Thanks for taking your time to read this blog entry and look at my pictures. I appreciate every view I get even though it usually only runs between 15 and 30. Until next time MAY THE DICE ALWAYS ROLL IN  YOUR FAVOR!

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