Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Agony in War Games

I used to play a lot of Warmachine, I loved the game. I was the first in my city to buy it and I got many friends to play it. Now I just find it a repeated practice in frustration and agony. Last night I played a game of Hordes with my Trollbloods against my friend's new Skorne army. It was 35 points and this was the build:

Madrak Ironhide
Dire troll mauler
2 Impalers
Full Kriel stone bearer unit
Fell caller hero
Rorsch & Brine

Makeda and the Exalted Court
Basilisk drake
Bronzeback titan
Molik Karn
Titan gladiator
Paingiver beast handlers full

Ever since MkII I feel as if this miniatures war game has become something else. I find that my units don't perform well and are outclassed by units of similar cost with much greater abilities.

I also find I am in a sharp strange minority here. Feels like this...
...actual game play!
It may be I just don't jive with this game because every time I've played it since MkII, when I can actually finish a game, I feel "unpleased". I know that isn't a real word and I just made it up but it applies. I never feel like I got anything out of a battle. I just feel mauled completely. I don't even get to do any mauling really.

The past game is a prime example of this. We played it to conclusion even though I killed only a single model on his side, a single pain giver who got caught in Rorsch's thrown stick of dynamite. I tried some stuff;

  • Brine charged Molok, had to reroll a lot, missed with everything by 1 hit. He was completed boxed the next turn without Molok even having to spend all his fury.
  • A total of six thrown spears from the Impalers, 3 or 4 hit, only 1 did any harm although it was a critical slam. 
  • Tried to charge into melee with my DTM, didn't make it, got counter charged and completely boxed the next turn.
  • Charged the bronze back titan with my fellcaller just to try, did nothing even with hits. 
My friend won the game by acquiring 8 control points by the end of turn four and I had 3 control points. I had an Impaler left, Madrak, the KSB unit and my Fellcaller hero. 

My frustration stems from the following; the Dire Troll Mauler is a great piece and is 9 points. The Bronze Back Titan has everything he does, plus counter charge, and an extra attack, and a couple other powers for 11. 2 points really isn't enough for me to compensate for that. 

Don't even get me started on Molok, or Makeda's spell that just let everything add a dice of damage. 

I know I could play what I have better. I'm not dumb. But the game does not encourage me to want to play better. I feel that so long as you keep buying the new models, you'll win, and if you play your old models. You'll lose.


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    1. Hey Allen, I'm not sure what you mean by "Bane thralls". While they are a kick ass unit they are not something that are an option for my Trollbloods lol!