Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Origins Aftercon

Sorry I didn't get much blogging to you. I tried, but I had trouble facilitating it through my phone and my sons wouldn't get off the computer for nothing, also I was tired a lot. According to my pedometer I walked 85 miles in the days of the convention over the 60 hours I recorded. So not like I was hauling or anything but it was no stroll either.

Anyway, on with the picture show...
GAMA is a great organization to volunteer with for many reasons, one is the sweet play money they give volunteers that can be used like cash in the convention and with some local businesses. Here I am flipping my swag around!
This is my friend Erik, I grabbed him to send a picture to my wife to which she replied "So you get to hang with vikings, nice!"
Some of the exhibitor retailers bring some really nice hand crafted items, many are pretty pricey also but if steam punk cosplay was your thing i'm sure this would be a prize to own. 
The guys who make MERCS had a very nice demonstation set up with this sweet 3-D terrain. 
Foam weapons to beat the crap out of your friends in style and monies. 
AEG's set up was literally right in front of the security kiosk I sit at. We had at least ten people as where they were. 
Sergeants is a great miniatures-board-card game that another friend William bought while he was there. We were playing it at midnight on Friday. I played Germans and couldn't hit the broad side of a Brit. In two turns I had one dead, one pinned, and two wounded out of seven soldiers taking to the board...how embarrassing.
This is yet another friend, J.R., who entered the costume contest. He made this from scratch but the judges though he bought it in a store...what store sells these?!
My Sons got the goggles they have wanted since last year. 
My wife got a hold of them at home ;)

She is going to kill me if she sees this picture on this blog.

Seriously, I leave my stuff to you 35 readers.


  1. Dang, all the best conventions are half way across the country. Looks like you had a blast.

    1. I tell you I feel the same way about the conventions in the UK. They have so many more and anything beyond Origins for me is a minimum of a 4 hour drive. It was a great convention though!