Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lords of War (oh and not my work)

If you have read a lot of my posts you know that I certainly do not mind obtaining models that someone else painted well and adding them to my collection. I am always willing to recognize they are not my doing and my Ultramarines have 3 units that come to mind that aren't painted by me although they were touched up to bring them into line with the 3rd company.

Well I have finally obtained my first Lord of War model for 40K...a nicely painted Hellhammer!

Forgive the pictures, but I still do not have my personal computer and I am using my phone to get pictures taken.

This fine model was painted by my friend Grady, well all except the turret mounted on the left side; the blue one. That was lost in the dirt for  year in his yard then amazingly resurfaced. He traded the model to me because he didn't really want it anymore and I didn't have any LoW's so I was super happy to get it!

This beautiful beast will be the primary offensive weapon of my Planetary Defense Force for my Ultramarines. I had decided their uniforms would be plain gray with a single blue shoulder pad to indicate their link to Ultramar.

Just by wonderful coincidence he had painted is primarily gray and the one turret was unpainted allowing me to put the blue in place that needs to be!

This is a monster (obviously) and I look forward to fielding it as the points are preventative (it's less than 600 I think). I would love to get a battle report in with it!

I've been working on other things too and you can expect to see some more models go up soon as I can. There will be Germans, there will be space ships, there will be monsters. :)

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with this. Life has slowed me down, but it has not stopped me!