Thursday, October 9, 2014

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I am not dead.

This could be called another "ubiquitous not dead post" but it isn't. I'm actually going to update you on a few things.

Firstly my computer is a goner so I can only blog when I have a work PC to do it on and then I usually don't have the time to upload pictures much less edit them just a little bit to make them less bad. I am still painting though and when I can finally do some blogging of the pictures I will be able to provide a small gallery of finished work :)

Secondly I've been organizing an Adventurer's League at the LGS every Sunday night for over a month now and it is surprisingly time consuming. In general the running isn't bad but prepping a new module every week is a little more work than you'd normally think it to be. It's been a positive experience in my opinion although at times the players tend to wander off track. I'm used to running more open environments than the modules provide so that can prove a little difficult but so far we've not had any significant breakdowns.

I really like 5th edition of D&D, I feel like it's the best of the spirit of 1st edition (and the origins of the RPG) combined with good mechanics from 3rd edition that have been reduced in complexity. One of the greatest aspects is the new artwork style which is a little less fantastic. I know that may seem odd for a fantasy RPG but I've always been one that feels the game should be firmly set in some form of reality to make the fantastical just that. Plus the artwork is truly more gender realistic. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with beautiful women in artwork but if she is a fighter going into a dungeon full of danger then I think she'd cover up well.

That being said, wtf is up with the halflings?
Is there a reason they decided to give them such huge heads and tiny feet?

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