Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dungeons and DOTA

Since the launch of 5th edition D&D, which they are just calling D&D which is alright with me, I've played a lot. Both of my sons have games they DM and I play in both of them. I've lost about half a dozen characters to various deaths by this point and I've also had a very successful cleric. I'm very good with clerics. The new cleric is a solid character class with a lot of support power and good survivability, offensively not so much but it is a cleric so I am okay with that.

I have also been playing a lot of DOTA 2, occasionally with my sons. I've always like Warcraft and as that was the true precursor the graphics of DOTA 2 along with the variability of play is very fun for me. One of my sons incorporated several of the characters into his D&D game and it gave me some inspiration to create an epic weapon that I want to pass on to any D&D enthusiasts out there.

Wraith King is one of my favorite characters and he has a cosmetic item named the Relic Blade...
...a broken sword that when he is wielding it is completed as a ghostly blade. Very cool in my opinion so I've created it as a magic item that mimics Wraith King's powers in game.

RELIC SWORD (legendary weapon)
Long sword +3, requires attunement
1. Life Leech: with every hit that causes damage to a living target the sword heals the wielder of 1d3 hit points.
2. Mortal Strike: critical hits with the Relic Sword do maximum damage on the dice.
3. Reincarnation: when slain the wielder of the Relic Sword returns from the dead the next round as if they had just had a long rest. All enemies within 30 feet of the wielder have their movement halved for two rounds. This effect cannot be used again until after a long rest.
I don't believe this is a game breaking item but it is very good and of legendary quality. The life leach effect could be over powered but only healing 1d3 isn't going to save you unless you are able to wield it with many attacks in a turn. The damage is good for a magic weapon but again not ground breaking. In the right hands it can be a horribly deadly weapon such as a fighter with improved critical from being a champion or a good rogue, but it may also cause the player to use it or enter battle when they shouldn't.

This pretty faithfully recreates the Wraith King except the healing effect isn't an aura and the Wraithfire Blast power isn't recreated. I think of this as the weapon that Ostarion used for centuries before finally succumbing to death once and for all.

I'd like any thoughts people might have on this. A few other item's have popped into my mind and I may post them if people were interested :)

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