Friday, July 31, 2015

Some Updates and Apocalypse Game

So I've said in the past few posts that I haven't been slacking on my painting and I've finally gotten some pictures for you and a small report about an apocalypse game I got to participate in.

First up some of my finished Drop Zone Commander...
Lifthawk transport. I have two of these from the starter box.

Kraken transport with its three Jackson troop transports. I think it's cool that the models for the troop transports fit into their transport so well. The door also swings down but not that well. 

Gun Wagons (AA guns) and two Hannibal tanks. The Hannibal's are beasts but they basically have to sit still to fire. Which is probably going to be okay with their excellent armor and line of sight weaponry. 

I have the infantry done now although you can see the underway in the back ground of the pictures. I am not sure if I'll like DZC or not but a group of us are getting together to play it at the end of August so i'll know then. I like this scale, mostly because I think it's really easy to paint. The Resistance on their web site has a lot more color than mine but I wanted to go for something a little more muted. I will give Hawk Wargames one big thumbs up on their flying bases doohicky that you glue to the model and fits snugly into the stand for easy transport. Well done!

Last weekend I got to participate in an Apocalypse game of 40K. We only got through two turns but that was because we had too many players and it slowed the game too much, which was a shame, it was a good game.
The table before the set up. 

Do you see that old old Warhound Titan at the top of the picture?

It was and Imperial force (Dark Angels x3, Imperial Guard, and lots of super heavies) against aliens and chaos (Daemons, Eldar, Necrons). The Imperial side had a lot of super heavies but the necron side had a lot of things to strip those hull points away. Also we had a Wraith Knight was a D strength melee weapon that was to be feared. Of course the Imperials had all these huge templates they dropped and a ton of terminators to deep strike in. Over all it was shaping up to be an epic conflict.

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