Friday, August 14, 2015

I Am Not Feeling the Passion for AoS You Are...

Age of Sigmar has basically taken over the fantasy/sci-fi gaming sphere and for the first time I understand the idea of being drowned in Games Workshop. Now don't get me wrong I like the models, they are quite nice, but Games Workshop makes a lot of nice almost inhuman no it is inhuman. So new nice models are just that and nothing more. I've read through the rule pamphlet and through the war scrolls for my collection but I am not engaged. I really think this is for two reasons...

1. I feel old.

2. I am also drowning in skirmish.

I am forty which is not that old, I've been war gaming for half my life and I've played a pretty wide range. I have a solid flavor for the blocks of soldiers that you can find in whfb and much of the historical war gaming community. If my child hood and friend base had been different I probably would have several nice armies of mounted knights and Romans and Celts. Never the less Age of Sigmar makes me feel old. I see so many people jumping on this game and holding it up as such a wonderful game. I don't see it. I know I've not played it and it's hard to give my opinion any credit but you don't have to eat a dog turd before you can say, "I don't like dog turds." I'm not saying AoS IS a dog turd but I am saying it feels like one to make because I don't want to go around it and I certainly don't want to pick it up. I buy White Dwarf every week without fail but I hardly read the articles in it right now because it is all about AoS.

The primary distaste AoS puts in my mouth comes from it's skirmish format. I am pretty full up on fantasy skirmish games. Everyone today wants to put them on big round bases and run around in a mess but they always devolve, none of the maneuver that would be implied happen. Models move in straight lines and slam into each other. I find there is much more play of movement before commitment in a game of warhammer fantasy battles than in warhammer 40k. In fact I feel this way strongly enough I am feeling my taste start to rejoin my Roman and Celt project and maybe get some resolution there.

This being said I have joined a friend in playing the game Wrath of Kings because he was very very interested in it and I have a soft spot for anthropomorphic pig men, don't ask.

Other things have ignited my interest though. Star Wars X-wing very much so and I've started dabbling in Star Trek Attack Wing mostly because I have a lot of friends who play it and I want to support them. I recently worked out a trade for some few Klingon ships...I am a Klingon man they suit my play style quite nicely.

So we will see what is on the horizon. I can honestly say I don't know. I feel abandoned to some degree like I've had dirt kicked on me and moved on.

I might be just depressed, who can be sure.