Friday, August 14, 2015

I Am Not Feeling the Passion for AoS You Are...

Age of Sigmar has basically taken over the fantasy/sci-fi gaming sphere and for the first time I understand the idea of being drowned in Games Workshop. Now don't get me wrong I like the models, they are quite nice, but Games Workshop makes a lot of nice almost inhuman no it is inhuman. So new nice models are just that and nothing more. I've read through the rule pamphlet and through the war scrolls for my collection but I am not engaged. I really think this is for two reasons...

1. I feel old.

2. I am also drowning in skirmish.

I am forty which is not that old, I've been war gaming for half my life and I've played a pretty wide range. I have a solid flavor for the blocks of soldiers that you can find in whfb and much of the historical war gaming community. If my child hood and friend base had been different I probably would have several nice armies of mounted knights and Romans and Celts. Never the less Age of Sigmar makes me feel old. I see so many people jumping on this game and holding it up as such a wonderful game. I don't see it. I know I've not played it and it's hard to give my opinion any credit but you don't have to eat a dog turd before you can say, "I don't like dog turds." I'm not saying AoS IS a dog turd but I am saying it feels like one to make because I don't want to go around it and I certainly don't want to pick it up. I buy White Dwarf every week without fail but I hardly read the articles in it right now because it is all about AoS.

The primary distaste AoS puts in my mouth comes from it's skirmish format. I am pretty full up on fantasy skirmish games. Everyone today wants to put them on big round bases and run around in a mess but they always devolve, none of the maneuver that would be implied happen. Models move in straight lines and slam into each other. I find there is much more play of movement before commitment in a game of warhammer fantasy battles than in warhammer 40k. In fact I feel this way strongly enough I am feeling my taste start to rejoin my Roman and Celt project and maybe get some resolution there.

This being said I have joined a friend in playing the game Wrath of Kings because he was very very interested in it and I have a soft spot for anthropomorphic pig men, don't ask.

Other things have ignited my interest though. Star Wars X-wing very much so and I've started dabbling in Star Trek Attack Wing mostly because I have a lot of friends who play it and I want to support them. I recently worked out a trade for some few Klingon ships...I am a Klingon man they suit my play style quite nicely.

So we will see what is on the horizon. I can honestly say I don't know. I feel abandoned to some degree like I've had dirt kicked on me and moved on.

I might be just depressed, who can be sure. 


  1. I will be moving to Kings of War. I'm 62 and AoS just doesn't float my boat. I come from a historical background but started GW stuff in the 80s. I'll keep my several fantasy armies but will use them in a new system. Thanks for the post.

  2. I haven't looked at AoS - so I have no opinion about it one way or the other.

    To be honest I haven't really looked at WFB since I quit playing 3rd edition about 20 years ago...? Not really my cup of tea. Some people dig it, me... not so much.

    I've seen a lot of hate being poured on to AoS and a lot of people complaining that they are going to move to completely new game systems... Kings of War, etc. What I really just don't get is - why can't Warhammer fans just keep playing WFB...? It's not like with the release of AoS GW somehow rounded up ALL the copies of ALL the previous editions of WFB and burned them in a great pile the the Nottingham Landfill and is now FORCING everyone to play AoS... Surely you, and everyone you've every played with still have multiple editions of WFB rules and associated army books for each collecting dust on your shelves... why not just keep using those if you've enjoyed playing them?

    1. Hi Tim, always good to have your input :)

      I think what is generating the anger is the death of a game that has been well established for as long as fantasy gaming has been established. As far as the data I have been able to reference shows it was not a failing game, it just wasn't as profitable as 40k is. It was still profiting just not profiting ENOUGH to justify them keeping it. So people see AoS as an attempt to draw in the 40k players to fantasy by making fantasy 40k. That is all very pedantic though and really the company should do what is best for them.

      I think what people took from this very large change is that it communicated what the company felt was best for it was to shave off that community and focus on another community entirely.

      I guess in short, no one likes to be dumped. And Games Workshop dumped thousands of players. It hurts man, lol.

    2. Fair enough. I do kind of get why people are angry... What I don't get is why that's stopping people from playing a game that they supposedly loved.

      When Phil Barker announced that he was going to make a new edition of De Bellis Antiquitatis a significant portion of people playing the game decided that they weren't going to buy it, they liked DBA 2.2 the way it was and would just continue to play that. Others, when they saw the initial drafts of 3.0 decided they weren't interested, but were going to make their OWN new modifications to 2.2 and called it 2.2+!

      I have to admit I have no idea what people are doing now that DBA 3.0 is out. I got distracted by other things and haven't really played DBA much (though I did pick up 3.0, I haven't really gotten around to seeing what's really changed from teh last draft I looked at). Also I stopped paying attention to the forums because it got so nasty with the back and forth between 2.2 and 3.0 supporters...

      I guess may point is with DBA when a something new was announced there was also anger. But there seems to be a mindset among many WFB players that with the introduction of every new edition they MUST play that new edition or nothing else and those that don't like it have stormed away in anger. I don't think very many rage quit DBA because of the new edition and went off to play something entirely different (let along burned their armies and posted it on YouTube!). If they didn't like it they just kept playing the old edition...

      As for WHY GW made these changes - it may not have just been been as simple as trying to get 40K players to play fantasy - perhaps they were seeing their players melt away to play fantasy skirmish games like Song of Blades and Heroes or, more recently, Dragon Rampant - where they don't have to have the big battalions of fantasy miniatures to play. Seriously, who could afford to get into that game anymore when you need so many figures (or has the time to paint all those figures)!?

    3. Oh yeah, I did totally forget to address your statement about still playing it. I agree with you, in fact I still do play WHFB and will do so forever probably. I love the large units of infantry wheeling around. It's just a personal preference and I know that so I don't think it's superior or better than another format. I know the number of figures needed can be daunting but I also believe that growing collections is probably just an aspect of the hobby that may not be embraced by everyone.

      But, you know, Tim, YOU have like...a TON of miniatures right?

      I mean...

    4. Oh I totally have a ton of miniatures and I'm with you - I love games with big units too! Lack of miniatures or time to paint them isn't the reason I've not played Warhammer!

      I'm just saying that I think one of the main reasons GW probably made changes is because they've realized there aren't as many new players taking up warhammer - and that reason may be because of the preponderance of smaller scale skirmish games out there that require less buying and painting for someone new to the hobby.

      It's good to know that there ARE some players still playing WFB! I'm starting to think that the people having the really big freakouts are the ones that don't have a group of friends that can say "Hey, let's just keep playing x edition" - they're people that relied on
      Warhammer for a community - without the leagues and tournaments they'd have no one to play with...?

      Have you tried Hail Caesar? I've been thinking about picking it up to have a look. Any Medieval game could easily be converted to a fantasy battle game... I've sometimes wondered if Warlord will ever come out with a fantasy supplement for Hail Caesar!?

    5. I have played Hail Caesar. My friend hosted a beautiful ancients battle with something like 2 dozens units per side. It was 15mm but that didn't diminish the gorgeous miniatures any. I like HC because it doesn't have points values, you build armies by brigades based off their historical structure much like Black Powder does. I think it would be fantastic if they made a fantasy suppliment (no pun intended) but it looks like their fantasy focus right now is Frostgrave and Konflict 47 for Bolt Action.

      I do think people are panicky, in fact I think branding has damage fantasy gaming in general. But that is probably a whole post in and of itself.