Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tie Punisher and Dungeon Delving

So with Wave 7 of X-wing firmly out, and a new core starter set featuring a couple exciting new ships from the upcoming movie, I can't help but feel this is the golden age of Star Wars table top gaming. I feel like i'm in the middle of it all and really that i'm not getting to play enough. The 1980's were arguably the best time to be playing Dungeons and Dragons and that was a golden age I only got to dabble in as a child and early teen. I yearn for those days with the mind and abilities I have now and would work to recreate them but I don't have the community I need. Gamers today are firms lodge in the modern era of gaming and don't look favorably on things like 1st edition AD&D or 3rd edition WHFB.

Hmm, maybe I should start a club focusing on just that? That may be something to explore.

That aside I meant to talk about my views on the new ships, well lets be honest, I want to talk about the Punisher and bitch about the K-wing. My initial frustration about the Punisher based off from the information provided by FFG before it's release. I felt that we fine upstanding Imperial players were getting robbed of the bomber we deserved! The K-wing was being given the "slam" action which made it a superior bomber hands down and the Punisher wasn't getting anything to make it a better bomber than the Tie Bomber. The "extra ammunition" upgrade was good but that could have been just given to the TB. I was frustrated FFG did not give the Punisher the "slam" action.

But then I played with it and I understood I had MISundertsood the entire purpose of the Punisher. I was an idiot, the Punisher was not a bomber at all, it was and is the best damn missile boat in the game. You pack that puppy with an extra munitions card, some proton torpedoes and assault missiles and for a mere 32 points you have a ship that can really hurt swarms or bring some punishment to a larger ship. (See what I did there?)

I'd like to get more games in though, especially with the Tie Punisher as a support assault craft though. I think it would either do wonderful to draw fire or throw it's missiles (and possibly bombs) into key fights to soften them for a kill.

Space battles aside the Dungeons & Dragons continues to be run by both my sons. Their campaigns fluctuate according to their interest but one is usually pretty well DOTA themed although recently it has switched to the new module that was just released. The new module Out of the Abyss looks like a nice classic exploration of escaping from Drow captivity and then the under dark in general. This is good solid dungeon module design so long as they don't mess it up with TOO much role playing. That is odd for me to say, i'm sure, but the truth is if you put too much drama into an adventure it gets bogged down trying to resolve the issues. So far their produced modules have struggled with that a little bit. Even a skilled DM like myself has had players get bored in some of the role playing scenarios the modules use. 

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