Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Beyond the Gates of Antares

If you haven't played Beyond the Gates of Antares by Warlord Games (which I will now permanently shorten to "GoA") then you owe it to yourself to find someone with some and play just one game. It's a very good game, very fun, and fresh in a few ways. Some people I've talked with refer to it as the sci-fi Bolt Action but that really isn't true. They share a single mechanic in the form of the order dice but that is really where the similarity ends. Really people are picking up on the tactical style of game play they both exhibit which is less about overwhelming your enemy with super weapons and mega units and instead not screwing up.

Which I am not good at. I excel at screwing up.

It's like a gift.

I have the starter box for GoA (see I did it) and it is a really nice product. A lot of people have reviewed this so feel free to look that up but in general it is worth it's price hands down. I've finished a few units so let us take a look shall we?
 This is a light support drone for the Concord faction. Basically it's a mobile, AI controlled, weapons platform. Kind of like the Eldar heavy weapons platforms but independent. It has a spotter buddy drone with it. The Concord faction has a lot of buddy drones and the spotter basically gives you a re-roll on an dice to hit so that is worth the points.

The box comes with two Ghar units; a battle squad and an assault squad. This is the battle squad with it's less big claws and bigger gun. That gun arm is surprisingly adaptable with three fire modes making an army with limited unit options versatile enough to play well. Also they are nearly impossible to kill without some really heavy weapons. I went with a much darker armor scheme than you'd see in the promotional pictures.

This is a standard Concord unit. Well not standard as the guy holding the head of a Ghar battle suit is a named character but he is equipped the same. They are carrying standard plasma weapons and the guy in the back has an upgraded version of that weapon. Also you see a handy buddy spotter drone over the guy on the right's shoulder.

Also in the back you can see some U.S. GI's getting painted up.

My color schemes are pretty simple, easy to complete, but I think they will come together nicely on the table.

If things go well I should have a small GI force ready to show off soon and a squad of dreadnoughts for my Ultramarines. YES an entire squad!

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