Friday, May 20, 2016

50th Northumbrian Division; 69th Infantry Brigade; 5th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment

I'm really finding myself getting deep into my Bolt Action army of Great Britain. I chose Great Britain because I was not terribly familiar with the British during WWII and it seemed like a good educational opportunity coupled with a fun way to play the game. As I get further into Bolt Action I struggle with coming to grips with the theater selectors which are very nice but not always clear to me. This is mostly my own limited knowledge coupled with some historians break down of the war. Doesn't matter really, I'm having fun which is what's important.

Needing to find an identity for my forces I researched various divisions and have settled on the...

50th Northumbrian Divsion...

69th Infantry Brigade...

5th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment...

...which is fantastic because one of the common decals is this:
Which is their badge. I liked that badge from the very beginning of exploring this game and the model lines for Great Britain. The double red T's are representative of two rivers; the Tweed and the Trent, which mark the boundaries where the division was recruited from, and area that is historically known as Northumbria.

Here are the rivers pleasantly (and appropriately) boxed in red... I can, if I so desire, start digging into that area and determine what towns my soldiers  may have come from.

Exciting, right?

Anyway the point of this post is to discuss what have collected so far. I've amassed a fair number of infantry including three full rifle sections and a selection of the many teams; PIAT, Boys, light mortar, sniper, etc. You get the point. Also a couple choices for officers so that I can have a lieutenant and another higher officer to back up the many teams and sections.

Backing that up I have some nice armor; a Cruiser Mk VIII Cromwell and a pair of Sherman V's.

And last but not least I've got a Bren carrier. Mostly I have that because I really wanted a Bren carrier.  I have a lot of teams to haul around but mostly...seriously mostly...I just wanted one of the little bastards. :)

Okay that in mind I'm hoping to get a game in soon and do a battle report. I feel BA lends itself nicely to batreps and I want to be part of that. Until there is is a picture of some Brits kicking ass...
"I wonder if it's tea time yet?"
"Naw. They are still shooting at us."
"Sigh. How rude."