Friday, July 1, 2016

Tanks Everywhere!

So in the months since my last post, okay well 40 days since my last post, I have been busy in many ways that are great and many that aren't so great.

As a blog about modeling and painting it is always hard for me to post when I don't have something to show you. I regularly finish models but I rarely take photographs because i'm so busy and usually don't have the time to take good photographs. But today I do have a couple to share.

If you are a 40K player you may be getting tied into the Tank Shock events that GW has promoted. Their first organized play event is pretty...minimal...on their part. You'd think that such a massive company would have some excellent OP support but really it's just some tokens, buttons, and certificates. They are nice and the over all event structure is cool but it's not as good as say Wizkids STAW support, which is very good.

Anyway we have 15 people signed up for the Tank Shock stuff but only about 10 actively participate. The first event was held at the end May, the next at the end of June, and so far i've only been able to get one tank for it. Ironic I know, but life is what life is. Here is my sweet Leman Russ Vanquisher...
...this is actually the first and only Leman Russ model I have ever assembled and painted. I have always felt kind of odd that the LR's haven't been part of my inventory in the past and I have to say it is a fine model that I have enjoyed playing.

There were a lot of really nice models there but I feel a need to share this man's on my blog...
...he has been modeling for decades and I hope one day I can reach this level of awesomeness!

Also I attended Origins again, like always, and had a good time and got some great stuff although I did try to keep my control a bit. I ended up getting into Sails of Glory but am unsure on that. Also picked up the new TANKS game from Galeforce 9, which is like tanker's version of x-wing.

This is Origins...this is what you are missing.