Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Death Guard Progress

So in an effort to keep my blog alive, filling it with imagery and witty pose (don't laugh...wait maybe you should i'm supposed to be witty) I thought it would be appropriate to post a progress entry.

If you didn't know I'm climbing into Horus Heresy collecting and probably gaming but i'm not rushing into it. I got a Betrayl at Calth box from Origins this year and in looking into what it provides this turns out to be about 1,300 points of army. After strongly considering building the thirteenth legion, Ultramarines (of course), I realized I really needed to challenge myself a bit so instead I went with the fourteenth legion, the Death Guard, and I would be the bad guys!

In an very unusual move for me I've decided to paint each model individually, meaning one at a time, trying to do my best within a reasonable time period. Effectively i'll be working towards making this collection the finest I an make it in my present skill level.

If i'm honest I also like the idea of space marines battling space marines. It seems to me like that will allow for some very interesting war game opportunities where the tactics of your game are a little more important than they are right now in 40k. A lot of the current game is about army special rules, which is in Horus Heresy a little, but not as much.

That aside this is a finish model, the first, with my planned basing...

...for basing I am testing out this Martian Ironearth with some patches of dead grass. I usually either go for classic green or brown dry brushed sand. I'm still experimenting with the techinal paint, it's not as flaky as I expected and I don't know if that is good or bad. I like the way it's looking through but any feedback you might have will be appreciated!

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