Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Out of the Dungeon

So I have been deep in the dungeon of life, hacking away at work, slaying problems, and looting the treasure hordes of my...I don't know this has kind of run out of steam.

I don't blog much anymore because frankly I find difficulty in both motivation and time. I am still working within my chosen hobby though and have been working hard to help with organizing my community into something great and that is going along pretty solid.

I don't write as much now, I feel very defeated there and that makes it hard to try to write.

All that said I've been getting quite a lot of modeling and painting done as well as some really good gaming. Allow me, if you will, to share some pictures with you :)

I've begun slowly working my way into collecting Horus Heresy after obtaining a Betrayal at Calth box set. Originally I was going to go deep into my favorite Ultramarines (or the XIII Legion)  but ultimately decided to challenge myself with a Legion that had white armor and went with the Death Guard. This is the first model I completed and I'm over all pretty happy with him. I am targeting finishing a 10 man tactical squad as a first goal.

My Necrons have climbed back out of storage. I had shoved them aside after selling off choice pieces out of need and began my collecting again starting with some battle against the invading Grey Knights. This is an action scene from that fight and if you ask me it looks like that Purifiers squad is about to get sliced and diced. 

My army for the year, Astra Militarum, is continuing to grow. This is most of the Militarum Tempestus platoon in it along with a couple of Commissars. 

Also I had a chance to play an "all in" game with my brother. He has a considerably large Ork collection and I brought out my entire Ultramarine army (with accompanying Hellhammer) to face them. It was an open fight, no points calculated, and we used everything we had painted. My entire force was able to deploy at the start of the game but his was not. There was no definitive winner except the both of us who thoroughly enjoyed the game.

More to come soon hopefully. I am trying to take more photos of the games and models I do and try to get back into the hang of blogging. Hopefully this is a good re-start :)

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