Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Inquisitor 28 and 40k Skirmish

I have not really gotten to play much Kill Team which is a shame because it's good "invocation" of the Warhammer 40,000 larger game. I'm excited for what the development of Kill Team means for bodes very well for the upcoming Apocalypse rules set.

Anyway Inquisitor was an excellent 54mm table top rpg war game that didn't succeed well enough to find it's way into plastics but it left a taste in gamer's mouths. That was the taste of independence and creativity that can be used by everyone and not the vaunted few. I'm working on producing some pieces for narrative Inquisitor style Kill Team games, and if you're okay with it, i'd like to share :)

This is Gygrax the Eater a possessed Primaris Ultramarine that wields a daemon weapon. It was made from a single post Primaris Intercessor with bits from the Possessed kit, Beast Claw Raiders, and various spines from the Flesh Eater Courts. I think he turned out pretty solid with enough chaosiness to make it clear what he is but the residual blue and gold of the Second Company to see his origins.
These are a couple of Agents, the original elite veteran Astra Militarum and one of my favorite models. Not modified at all I just want to show off the paint work which is meant to be very non-committal. I could use them as Inquisitor agents, Administratum agents, bounty hunters, etc.

I've got some Primaris i'm working on that were never placed with a chapter and instead act like knights errant, also a converted Saurus warrior as an alien mercenary, and a possessed chaos sorcerer.

I hope you enjoyed my post and I hope maybe it inspired you a bit as well. :)

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