Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Last Week's Plan, This Week's Plan,

Okay so last weeks plan went pretty much okay. I got the soldier done, I got the terminators done, and I got the wraiths done. Below you can find some poorly photographed pictures of these things...

These were completed by Sunday I've just been too busy to either paint more or take pictures of them. The terminators have no basing because I cannot find my blessed glue! This week has been a no model week and it will likely continue to be so. But for next week I have a project in mind: A B-25 bomber scale model. It's about 30% done and I plan to finish it between now and the following Sunday which would be the 10th of November. If I get it done quicker I'll let you know :)


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    1. Thanks AJ, again you are very kind. :)You do such good paint work yourself I can only strive more!