Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Monographs, Building Up Forces, The Pandemic Experience

If you think I am doing nothing in the midst of this responsible isolation from humanity to discourage the spread of a dangerous virus, you'd be wrong. While holding off on my fantasy battle game plans I've been adding to my collection of models, role playing on Roll20, and reading a bunch. Probably very similar to many of you.

Here are a few photos of things from my work desk that are under construction;

A mysterious knight under construction...
Mechanicus forces being based...
Skeletal hordes being raised from the dead...

My pandemic experience has resulted in a large number of models being painted. I am normally a fairly productive painter maybe producing a about a dozen models, or one large model, a month but this has been off the hook. An entire collection of Blood Angels, all kinds of daemons, model airplanes, model tanks, adeptus titanicus tiny big robots, half a dozen imperial knights...and more. 

I also write short stories off and on but I've been considering writing what is called a monograph. Specifically one about clerics and holy men in the fantasy role playing genre. I enjoy playing clerics in Dungeons and Dragons and in war games, when that is possible, which is very rarely. I love the aspects of religion and theology in a fantasy setting and I feel that clerics are fairly multi-dimensional and afford a large variety of role playing opportunities beyond the mechanics of their play. 

While I am certainly no scholar I am a competent writer and have played rpgs for 35 years. I think it would be fun to put together and essay of my thoughts and observations about this part of the hobby. Maybe referencing different rules sets and how they reflect divinity, religion, and the influence of gods. If I do I promise not to  make it a blog post but I will probably provide a link to it as a blog post. 

The use of Roll20 during this pandemic has gotten me exploring what can truly be thought of as digital miniatures and digital dungeon tiles. Dugeondraft is an alpha developed map making software aimed at the various online tools. Let me share a map with you...

...using the application I made this map for use in a role playing game but it could just as easily be printed off for use. This has me thinking how to combine indoors and outdoors action for skirmish based war gaming. 

Anyway, just wanted to share some with my blogger buddies. I take great pleasure in exposure to your hobby life so I hope mine brings you a little fun as well. 

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