Saturday, January 2, 2021

Project Completed: Blood Angels Collection

 It is uncommon for a hobbyist to look at a project and go, "Well that is done and I am not going to add to it." But shockingly I have reached that point. At the beginning of the pandemic I took a model kit, the Blood Angel's Tactical Squad, that I had laying around and decided to try some new techniques in both painting and modeling. Pushing my skills some but not going over the top, just fun and exploratory. That single model kit grew into more kits, friends donated kits to the purpose, and before I knew it there was an entire army of models waiting to be given paint. I took the challenge and faced it head on looking to do my best model by model and complete it before the end of the year. The last model was finished mid December and now I've had a chance to take pictures of them all. Please allow me to share them with you here and I hope you find them pleasant to look at. 

Brother Adamantus, Librarian Dreadnought 

Cassor the Damned, Death Company Dreadnought

Captain Karlean, 1st Company Captain

Lieutenant Caseyus, Death Company Lieutenant

Squad Raphaen, Death Company Squad

"Deliverance", Rhino Transport

"Furious Retribution", Baal Predator

Squad Eladinaeus, Tactical Squad 

Lexicanum Varsinus, Librarian in Terminator Armor 

Squad Alphaeus, Terminator Squad

Squad Gideon, Terminator Squad

Squad Lorenzo, Terminator Squad
The collection consists of models from Games Workshop of course including the models from the Space Hulk Board Game (fourth edition, 2014) and models from the Deathstorm battle box (2014) creating a very elite force within context of Warhammer 40,000. One of the models, the Death Company Lieutenant Caseyus (named for my common battle foe Casey) is a custom kitbash model, a very low level kitbash but still within that realm. 

Regarding painting techniques I tried three different methods for the various wings on the models by varying wash types, dry brushing and detail painting feathers. Also I varied scroll colors, washes, and dry brushing with edge highlighting. I tried to add mild weathering, something that showed activity, but didn't over whelm the model. The red armor color was achieved by priming the models white, painting them completely with Model Color red, washing with Carroburg Crimson from Citadel, then over brushing with Mephiston Red from Citadel. I was really pleased with how the color came out and the pictures don't really do it justice. As a final application I gloss coated them, literally something I have never done for another army. Normally I only flat clear coat but this was all about experimenting.

I mixed up the base work myself with a blend of spent tea and ground oregano that was glued over a black back ground then later a mixture of glue and water (about 1 to 4) soaked over it to secure it well and remove some of the softness to it. It turned out to make it look like ground after a heavy rain, nice bonus. 

Modeling wise I took the time to drill out all of the barrels of any firearms, remove mold lines well, and drilled out the exhaust stacks of the armored vehicles. A few of the models were recovered from bad condition and it took some love but eventually I got them to a point it was acceptable. 

Game wise it comes to just under 100 power level at 97 and 1,945 points making it a large army to play with. Strategically it is a terrible army >lol< really all elite and suicidal units with a single standard tactical squad to do the scoring work. On one side it's hyper aggressive with three deep strike capable terminator squads, three deep strike capable heroes, and a deep strike (well low orbit strike) capable death company. It has a lot of psychic power but none of the battle clergy which would benefit the Death Company. The armor is just as aggressive with a flamer heavy battle tank and dreadnoughts. It is a lot of alpha strike that if it fails to soften or scattered the enemy enough for scoring units to do their job it will be hard fought.  

Completing this collection was a pleasurable endeavor and I am thinking about doing another such challenge to my skills. Nothing so large and probably fantasy oriented. 

More battles coming soon. All of January will have Adeptus Titanicus titans marching across Casey's basement, pictures will be provided, an accurate account? Probably not. :)

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