Grey Knights Army

This page details my entire finished Grey Knights force. As it stands it comes to a little over 2,000 points and as the "large" 40k game comes in at 1,500 I've got room to flex to what I need using what I have. This army doesn't cover all the options in the army list and is infantry heavy. I've got a passel of Inquisitorial Henchmen to give my Inquisitor some help but until I get  him a transport I won't paint them up. This is where the army musters right now.

 Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Agamemnon is officially the commander of this strike force. He is a psyker and has a cybernetic left hand where it was bitten off by a Soul Grinder.
Lord Kaldor Draigo is represented in his later years, those where he appears at battlefields and then is swept away again. His sword is well worn (the tip is broken off which you cannot see), his shield and armor beaten but  his will  has not weakened and he continues to smash the foes of the Emperor in every battle, often accompanied by a sizable squad of Paladins.
Terminator Squad Damocles stands as one of the rocks of the strike force. Usually deployed in defense of objectives or to support another of the strike forces units they have the glory of often times being the first in and the last out.
Terminator Squad Zelotes serves as one of three troops to take objectives and complete missions. Famous for rescuing Agamemnon from the Soul Grinder that took his hand. Justicar Zelotes received accolades for his bravery and his shattered Nemesis Force Sword was replaced with a newly forged halberd. Brother Danaus bears their Brotherhood Banner into battle in support of his brave squad.

Strike Squad Soterios serves as Agamemnons occasional transport and body guard  or as an  advanced  scout and spear head unit as the only piece of armor in the strike force. Commonly they find themselves delegated to tank hunting duties to make effective use of their twin-linked lascannon mounted Razorback.
Paladins of the strike force find themselves serving a variety of roles according to what the mission demands. From left to right there is: Paladin Demitirius (with Incinerator), Paladin Nikodem (bearing a warding staff and Psycannon), Paladin Simon, Paladin Apothecary Endymion, and Paladin Oenomaus.
Interceptor Squad Damion fulfills the role of  infantry support for the strike squad or as relief support for  Apolline should the need arise. Often one of the first into close combat with the enemy their inability to take and hold objectives is often unimportant as they enemy rarely has the ability to hold objectives when they are around.
All Nemesis Dreadknights are terrible to see Apolline piloted by Brother Paladin Cadmus takes charge of the battlefield as soon as he appears. Equipped with a personal teleporter so as to surprise even the most tacitcal adversary it is not long before Apolline and Cadmus find themselves in the midst of the most terrible battles and face to face with the most horrifying adversaries. 

Here is the full army in all it's united glory. Consisting of only 30 models in total and ovedr 2,000 points this is the most compact army I have ever owned. Filled to the brim with elite units, way too many terminators to not be considered obscene, and the Nemesis Dreadknight is nothing but over the top! It is weak on the armor side though (lets face it, the Dreadknight isn't armor) and the lone Razorback has a big job to do. Plus it lacks heavy anti-armor weapons. Great against infantry so long as it doesn't have on power armor but terrible at suffering attrition. I've only played them a couple times but it's always been fun, the ability for almost the entire army to deep strike into play means I always get to fight what I want but the results aren't always pretty. The paladins are costly though, 430 points in a single unit is a lot to commit to 5 models, and if it goes south, well that is a third of your army and a good 30 to 40% of your firepower gone with them!

Of side interest is their troop carrier. I purchased a double layer pistol case from a local retail store that the second layer of foam was designed with pull out parts to create form fitting holders for the accessories, this was perfect for my knights and this is how it turned out...
Bottom of case.
Top layer of case.

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