Strike Force Zealot

This page replaces my previous page "Ultramarines Plan". The plan went awry and the final 1,500 point army is much different than what I intended it to be. No matter, it's still going to be fun to play and I've rarely played a fast space marine army. This army is mostly built on nostalgia from an army I built in 3rd edition. I don't remember the build of that army beyond that it had a land raider, and eventually this one will get a land raider (since there is one sitting in a box in my basement) but for now this will do nicely. It's core is the space marine models from the Assault on Black Reach box set, which is a fine box set. From there I added units as I acquired them or in the case of the space marine bike squad I added it to support the single attack bike I had gotten... no one likes to ride alone.

Strike Force Zealot is tactically a mobile force with only a single unit, the scout squad, lacking any form of transportation or the ability to deep strike onto the table. But since they can infiltrate I could always just dump them into the enemy deployment zone. I always have a basic tactical plan to any army I play with and this one is pretty simple and fits my play style... go and get them. My armor can cruise along at infantry speed dropping round after round of high AP blasts and autocannon fire into the enemy while the rhino filled with tactical marines and my captain will rush to the objectives to challenge. Andreas has yet to be put down, that will happen I'm sure, but space marine captains are very resilient and with a 2+/4+ save profile he can take a lot of fire so long as my luck holds just to average.

Andreas, Captain of the 3rd Company~

Equipped in artificer armor and bearing an iron halo makes him tougher than a terminator. He carries a boltgun and relic blade for weaponry. He's been in a few fights already and so far he has gone uninjured and has been known to eliminate entire enemy units on his own.

Chaplain Adonis~

The spiritual leader of the 3rd company Adonis is by no means a patient man when it comes to braving the battlefield. He marches into battle in an ancient suit of terminator armor that was once worn by the noble Brother Erisi who died valiantly combating the xenos of hive fleet Ripley. Adonis often accompanies the squad Vae Victus into battle which can be found deep striking into the heart of the enemy, or marching along side the strike force's vindicator as it blasts the enemy to ashes.

Tactical Squad Lythicam, "The Fear Eaters"~

Led by Sergeant Lythicam "The Fear Eaters" are a mainstay of Strike Force Zealot. As the Codex Astartes dictates they will draw the majority of enemy fire and use their rhino, "The Emperor's Delivery", to bring them to the most important tactical locations on the field and use their fire power to dominate the enemy.

Scout Squad Semo "Squad Ballista"~

Led by Sergeant Semo squad Ballista is specialized in pinning down the advances of the enemy, identifying high value targets and eliminating them, and bringing down armor through precision missile strikes; sometimes from behind enemy lines. Sgt. Semo has been known to creep within a few short meters of the enemy position to acquire a good shot.

Terminator Squad Iphael, "Vae Victis"~

Led by Sergeant Iphael of the 1st company this contingent assigned to support Captain Andreas' strike force is equipped for fire support and secondary assault. They are often accompanied by Chaplain Adonis and usually deep strike onto the field to flank the enemy or strike at a weak point. Secondarily they move in support of the armor of the strike force. Their given name, "Vae Victis" translates into "Woe to the vanquished ones" which fits their battle doctrine well.

Brother Tusabrio~

Brother Tusabrio was blessed with his dreadnought armor at the end of the Uncala campaign and has served the 157 years since as invaluable support to Captain Andreas. His wisdom and tactical advice is almost as valuable as his armored bulk and powerful weaponry in battle.

Bike Squad Joneal, "Death Bearers"~

Squad Joneal is one of two fast attack squads that are designated to flank the enemy and engage their rear support. Sergeant Joneal has brought his power fist to the enemy  on more than one occasion and their fire of the squads heavy bolter gives the enemy infantry reason to keep to shelter. A secondary role places the squad as escorts for the armor of the strike force to screen from heavy weaponry.

Scout Bike Squad Expedus~

Sergeant Icte leads the second compliment from the 10th company in support of the strike force. Tasked with recon and flanking the enemy their cluster mines often make it difficult for their foe to find someplace safe to hide. The three grenade launchers mounted in the squad makes them a fearsome foe that should not be over looked.

"Blue Thunder"~

The long range heavy fire support of the strike force the predator dubbed "Blue Thunder" by its crew after its recent refurbishment by the adeptus mechanicus when it was destroyed by a wild lightning strike into it's ruptured fuel tank during operations on Tarsis Ultra.

"Periculosum Currum"~

The vindicator Dangerous Chariot accompanies the strike force to dislodge the most stubborn of enemy positions and provide support to Blue Thunder. Often accompanied by terminator squad Vae Victus the siege shield equipped vindicator has a pilot who's tactical view of the battle field often varies from those of his battle brothers; he has been known to drive the tank directly into buildings to get "the closest possible impact for maximum effect".

This army actually comes to just 1,525 points, but when I'll play it I'll either ditch some piece of war gear (probably the relic blade) or leave out the missile launcher marine and attach Andreas to squad Gladius and he can ride in the rhino... which is probably what i'll do all the time so he's not just standing out there like a moron.

I've used up both HQ choices, two of six troop choices, two of three fast attacks, two of three heavy support AND two of three elite choices. I've got another fast attacks sitting (land speeder), at least two  heavies (devestator squad and land raider), and one other elite (another 5 terminators). I've also got enough extra scouts and marines that I can fill the rest of the troop choices pretty easily as well as flesh out the scout squad I have already. What will come next? Who knows, really I have so many other projects it would seem slightly obsessive to paint another Ultramarines unit up until I've played this one quite a bit.

UPDATE: 10/11/2012: Bastion Deployed
Every army needs a home and mine has an armor 14 Imperial Bastion packing four heavy bolters controlled by auto-sensing cogitators. For a mere 75 points I can put this onto the table and begin the game holding my ground with style. I don't know how often I'll use it in the army but it is an option I will try at least once i'm sure.

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  1. I used his Ultramarines against his powerful Chaos army and thanks to extreme luck on my part and bad on his they ripped himto shreds. That said, he has a solid force that works exactly as he has designed it. Also the paint job is awesome.