Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Ultramarine Units

 My first war game love is the Ultramarines. Which is strange indeed because my first war game love is also fantasy war gaming. These things apparently are incompatible but I would argue no greater band of knights exist than the fine upstanding Ultramarines! Truly noble, fine warriors, defenders of the defenseless, and academics most fine!

But anyway I blather, here are some recently completed models in my terrible photography.

Fourth squad of Third Company, Squad Relios, Assault Intercessor Squad. To their left stands the current iteration of Captain Acheran in his Indomitus Crusade glory. On his shield is the reliquary of Saint Hemitorus a loyal servant of the Imperium.

Close up of the Captain, also you can see the decal work on the marine beside him. I took some car to double decal and use set and lots of patience to do my best. 

Close up of the squad.

A close up of Captain Acheran's Relic Shield with the remains of Saint Hemitorus.

Close up of Sergeant Relios and his tilting shield. No iconography yet as they've not taken to the field yet. I rarely do it but I like to go back and adds stuff to models as they are played. 

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